New Winter Haven Location!

Our Winter Haven location is now open! Polk county residents don’t forget that you have more convenience when it comes to scheduling. Injured in the Winter Haven area? Call us to schedule today! Don’t have transportation? Not a problem, we’ll pick you up!

Back to school traffic

Back to school traffic is here again! Make sure to allow yourself more time to get to your destination. The roadways will start becoming more crowded within the next few weeks. Was your child injured in an auto injury? Hess Spinal & Medical Centers treat the entire, including your child. Contact us today to have your child thoroughly examined.

Daily rain is part of life

Daily rain is part of life when living in Florida. Take extra time when out on the road, especially when it’s raining. Even light rain can cause the roads to be dangerous. Give yourself ample space between the car in front of you. Sudden braking happens with little or no notice. If an unfortunate auto injury does occur, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re here to help and we are available 24/7. Don’t forget we have locations that are open Saturday’s. We are also open till 7pm during the week. Hess Spinal & Medical Centers, where we treat you like family!!

Medical Clinics in 5 Counties

With being the largest multi-disciplinary medical clinic in the Greater Tampa Bay area we have you covered! Injured in Spring Hill or Bradenton? Not a problem! We have 12 locations spread over 5 counties. We make it easy for you to get help and feel better. We treat the entire family Grandma to your precious toddlers. Come see why we treat you like family. Call us 1-800- today!